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Charity No. 504996  established 1976

About us

In 1976 the first talking newspapers were published in Shropshire. Blind people had said they needed an audio news service and a public appeal achieved both the necessary funds and an initial team of volunteers to produce and publish the recordings for the new charity.
Portable players were provided on free loan and the service itself was, and still is, free of charge. News stories are taken from the Shropshire Star and Shropshire weekly newspapers and special audio features are produced.

We record in high quality digital sound and then make our programmes available in a number of easy-to-use formats. Blind people and anyone with a visual impairment who qualifies for the Royal Mail’s ‘Articles for the Blind’ free post can receive a returnable memory stick through the post. This plays on a computer or portable USB player. Our internet and telephone formats are detailed below. Amazon’s Alexa can be initiated with the command: ‘Alexa. Open my talking newspaper!’  In addition to the weekly newspaper a bi-monthly magazine is also available.